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Born in Mumbai to a designer mother and director/producer father, Dinesh Ramsay grew up in the Bollywood starlight. He started off in 1998 helping his mom Mrs. Kavita Ramsay, not realizing that in doing so he started enjoying the work so much that he was asked to comment on each and every ladies outfits tried by his mom's clients.

Being the only man around, the ladies enjoyed hearing what Dinesh thought about the designs. Slowly Dinesh tried his hands on designing by himself and before he knew it, he had become a designer in his own right after studying fashion at the Clares Fashion College in Mumbai.

Overtime, Dinesh has become a sought after designer in international markets. He was assigned to design the awards dress for the wife of the Oscar winner Mychael Danna (source).

Bollywood Actor Raima Sen Shout Out

Dinesh is Proud Of

Over the years, Dinesh has been humbled to have the opportunity to get to know and work with many peers within Hollywood and Bollywood. Dinesh is proud to share some of his accomplishments here:

Dinesh on Tyra Banks
Oscar news from Toronto Star
Dinesh with Mayor of Brampton, IFFA Buzz

Dinesh's Corner

Dinesh enjoys working with a huge social circle from across the world.
Enjoy some of these personal photos of Dinesh and his peers.

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